The City of Wilmington has two golf courses that you can book tee times for:

  • Wilmington Municipal Golf Course (18 hole course) 311 Donald Ross Drive, WilmingtonQuestions?Call 910.791.0558 or visit
  • Inland Greens Park 3 Golf Course (9 hole par 3 course) 5945 Inland Greens Drive, WilmingtonQuestions?Call 910.765.7459 or visit

Online Tee Times:

1. Book Up to 7 days in advance

2. Select number of players, date & # of holes to play.    Note:  If you are booking a tee time for Inland Greens, please change  the  Number of Holes to 9 prior to search.

3. Then select time (below) by clicking on shopping cart icon on far left adjacent to tee time desired. 

4. Fees are due at time of check-in at golf course



- Groups requiring more than 2 tee times at the Municipal Golf Course and or needing to reserve further in advance, please call 791.0558. 

Questions about online tee times, please call 341.3237


Municipal Golf Course - 910.791.0558
Inland Greens Par 3 Course - 910.765.7459

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    2 - Inland Greens Golf Course

    Inland Greens is a 9 hole par 3 golf course. Players can pay for 18 holes and play the course twice if desired.
    Questions? call 910.765.7459.

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    Add to Cart 8:12 AM4 Available
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    Add to Cart 8:44 AM4 Available
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    Add to Cart 9:24 AM4 Available
    Add to Cart 9:48 AM4 Available
    Add to Cart 9:56 AM4 Available
    Add to Cart10:04 AM4 Available
    Add to Cart10:12 AM4 Available
    Add to Cart10:20 AM4 Available
    Add to Cart10:28 AM4 Available
    Add to Cart10:44 AM4 Available
    Add to Cart10:52 AM4 Available
    Add to Cart11:00 AM4 Available
    Add to Cart11:08 AM4 Available
    Add to Cart11:16 AM4 Available
    Add to Cart11:24 AM4 Available
    Add to Cart11:32 AM4 Available
    Add to Cart11:40 AM4 Available
    Add to Cart11:48 AM4 Available
    Add to Cart11:56 AM4 Available
    Add to Cart12:12 PM4 Available
    Add to Cart12:20 PM4 Available
    Add to Cart12:28 PM4 Available
    Add to Cart12:36 PM4 Available
    Add to Cart12:44 PM4 Available
    Add to Cart12:52 PM4 Available
    Add to Cart 1:00 PM4 Available
    Add to Cart 1:08 PM4 Available
    Add to Cart 1:16 PM4 Available
    Add to Cart 1:24 PM4 Available
    Add to Cart 1:32 PM4 Available
    Add to Cart 1:40 PM4 Available
    Add to Cart 1:48 PM4 Available
    Add to Cart 1:56 PM4 Available
    Add to Cart 2:04 PM4 Available
    Add to Cart 2:12 PM4 Available
    Add to Cart 2:20 PM4 Available
    Add to Cart 2:28 PM4 Available
    Add to Cart 2:36 PM4 Available
    Add to Cart 2:44 PM4 Available
    Add to Cart 2:52 PM4 Available
    Add to Cart 3:00 PM4 Available
    Add to Cart 3:08 PM4 Available
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