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    101023 - SLAM Basketball

    Games will be Tuesdays & Thursdays from June 20 - July 31 from 6 pm, 7 pm or 8 pm. Proof of age must be presented by 1st game. Age: 14-18 (as of May 1, 2017)

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    Read Notice101023-714 years to under 19 years06/20/17- 07/31/17 6:00P- 9:00PMLK Comm. CenterSLAM Basketball$10Item Details

    201004 - Basketball Camp

    Please call 341.0057 if you want to apply for Fee Assistance. Fee assistance applicants will register in person.

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    Read Notice201004-77 years to 14 years06/12/17- 06/15/17 9:00A- 12:00PMLK Comm. CenterBasketball Camp$30Item Details

    201007 - Nature Discovery Camp

    Each day different habitats will be explored, learning all about dragonflies, butterflies, spiders, snakes, frogs, toads, birds, and other wildlife.

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    Read Notice201007-55 years to under 7 years06/19/17- 06/23/17 8:00A- 12:00PHalyburton ParkNature Discov. Camp$100Item Details

    201009 - Eco Aventure Camp

    Activities will include canoeing, kayaking, hiking and a lot more! Along the way campers will learn about barrier islands, sea turtles, exploring a marsh, crabbing, and seining to discover marine life and explore nature around Wilmington. Lunch is not included.

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    Add to Cart201009-510 years to under 14 years07/17/17- 07/21/17 8:00A- 5:00PHalyburton ParkEco Adventure Camp$250Item Details

    201013 - Skate Clinics

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    Read Notice201013-27 years to 12 years06/17/17- 06/17/1710:30A- 12:00PGreenfield ParkSkate Clinics - 6/17$10Item Details
    Add to Cart201013-37 years to 12 years07/01/17- 07/01/1710:30A- 12:00PGreenfield ParkSkate Clinics - 7/1$10Item Details
    Add to Cart201013-57 years to 12 years07/29/17- 07/29/1710:30A- 12:00PGreenfield ParkSkate Clinics - 7/29$10Item Details
    Add to Cart201013-67 years to 12 years08/12/17- 08/12/1710:30A- 12:00PGreenfield ParkSkate Clinics -8/12$10Item Details

    201019 - Snake & Turtle Feeding

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    Read Notice201019-63 years and Up06/07/17- 06/07/17 4:00P- 4:30PHalyburton ParkSnake & Turtle Feedi$1Item Details
    Add to Cart201019-73 years and Up07/12/17- 07/12/17 4:00P- 4:30PHalyburton ParkSnake & Turtle Feedi$1Item Details
    Add to Cart201019-83 years and Up08/16/17- 08/16/17 4:00P- 4:30PHalyburton ParkSnake & Turtle Feedi$1Item Details

    201022 - Tennis Camp

    All skill levels welcome from beginner to tournament
    player. Activites include:- Daily Drilling, Match Play, Games
    & Prizes!

    There will be a low player to coach ratio so that you can
    receive high quality instruction.

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    Add to Cart201022-85 years to 16 years06/19/17- 06/23/17 9:00A- 12:00PEmpie TennisTennis Camp$150Item Details

    202010 - Yoga

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    Add to Cart202010-116 years and Up07/03/17- 08/21/17 9:00A- 9:50AHalyburton ParkYoga - Wed. morning$60Item Details
    Add to Cart202010-216 years and Up07/05/17- 08/23/17 9:30A- 10:20AHalyburton ParkYoga - Wed morn$60Item Details
    Add to Cart202010-316 years and Up07/03/17- 08/21/17 6:30P- 7:20PHalyburton ParkYoga - Mondays$60Item Details

    202024 - Int. Doubles Clinic

    (Must be in the 3.0-3.5 rating range) Age: 16/up

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    Add to Cart202024-10Birth and Up08/14/17- 08/14/17 5:30P- 6:30PEmpie TennisInt. Doubles 8/14$11Item Details
    Add to Cart202024-11Birth and Up08/21/17- 08/21/17 5:30P- 6:30PEmpie TennisInt. Doubles 8/21$11Item Details
    Add to Cart202024-12Birth and Up08/28/17- 08/28/17 5:30P- 6:30PEmpie TennisInt. Doubles 8/28$11Item Details
    Add to Cart202024-5Birth and Up07/10/17- 07/10/17 5:30P- 6:30PEmpie TennisInt. Doubles 7/10$11Item Details
    Add to Cart202024-6Birth and Up07/17/17- 07/17/17 5:30P- 6:30PEmpie TennisInt. Doubles 7/17$11Item Details
    Add to Cart202024-7Birth and Up07/24/17- 07/24/17 5:30P- 6:30PEmpie TennisInt. Doubles 7/.24$11Item Details
    Add to Cart202024-8Birth and Up07/31/17- 07/31/17 5:30P- 6:30PEmpie TennisInt. Doubles7/31$11Item Details
    Add to Cart202024-9Birth and Up08/07/17- 08/07/17 5:30P- 6:30PEmpie TennisInt. Doubles 8/7$11Item Details

    202030 - Kayak Trip - Black River

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    Read Notice202030-316 years and Up06/06/17- 06/06/17 8:00A- 4:00PHalyburton ParkBlack River Kayak$45Item Details

    202031 - Kayak- Fort Fisher

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    Add to Cart202031-616 years and Up07/07/17- 07/07/17 4:30P- 8:30PHalyburton ParkKayak - Ft Fisher$45Item Details

    202035 - Kayak - Sharks Tooth

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    Add to Cart202035-616 years and Up08/07/17- 08/07/17 5:00P- 9:00PHalyburton ParkSharks Tooth Kayak$45Item Details

    202048 - Zumba

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    Add to Cart202048-216 years and Up07/03/17- 08/21/17 5:30P- 6:20PHalyburton ParkZumba$40Item Details

    202049 - Beginner Tennis II

    (Must be in the 2.5-3.0 rating range) Ages: 16/up

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    Add to Cart202049-10Birth and Up08/14/17- 08/14/17 6:30P- 7:30PEmpie TennisBeg Tennis 8/14$11Item Details
    Add to Cart202049-11Birth and Up08/21/17- 08/21/17 6:30P- 7:30PEmpie TennisBeg Tennis 8/21$11Item Details
    Add to Cart202049-12Birth and Up08/28/17- 08/28/17 6:30P- 7:30PEmpie TennisBeg. Tennis 8/28$11Item Details
    Add to Cart202049-5Birth and Up07/10/17- 07/10/17 6:30P- 7:30PEmpie TennisBeg Tennis 7/10$11Item Details
    Add to Cart202049-6Birth and Up07/17/17- 07/17/17 6:30P- 7:30PEmpie TennisBeg Tennis 7/17$11Item Details
    Add to Cart202049-7Birth and Up07/24/17- 07/24/17 6:30P- 7:30PEmpie TennisBeg Tennis 7/24$11Item Details
    Add to Cart202049-8Birth and Up07/31/17- 07/31/17 6:30P- 7:30PEmpie TennisBeginner Tennis 7/31$11Item Details
    Add to Cart202049-9Birth and Up08/07/17- 08/07/17 6:30P- 7:30PEmpie TennisBeginner Tennis 8/7$11Item Details

    202050 - Golf League (summer)

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    Add to Cart202050-112 years and Up07/11/17- 08/29/17 5:00P- 8:00POther FacilityGolf League (summer)$20Item Details

    204001 - Alligators (summer nature)

    Meet a living dinosaur! Get to know an ancient North Carolina native in this interactive live animal program on the American Alligator. You’ll be amazed as you learn about the numerous adaptations helping these giants survive. Presented by the N.C. Aquarium.

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    Add to Cart204001-63 years and Up07/05/17- 07/05/17 6:30P- 7:30PHalyburton ParkAlligators$5Item Details

    204002 - Bats

    Learn about our nighttime, bug-eating friends and discover some awesome adaptations of these mammals. We’ll dispel some myths about bats and find out why we like to have them around at the park! The program is led by a Halyburton Park naturalist.

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    Add to Cart204002-55 years and Up06/28/17- 06/28/17 8:00P- 9:00PHalyburton ParkBats$5Item Details

    204003 - Birds of Prey

    Get a closer look at live birds of prey from the Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter. A Peregrine Falcon, Barred Owl and Eastern Screech Owl will be introduced as you learn about these amazing birds. Presented by the Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter

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    Add to Cart204003-63 years and Up07/12/17- 07/12/17 6:00P- 7:00PHalyburton ParkBirds of Prey - 6pm$5Item Details
    Add to Cart204003-73 years and Up07/12/17- 07/12/17 7:00P- 8:00PHalyburton ParkBirds of Prey - 7pm$5Item Details

    204004 - Night Hike

    Join us as we prowl the park after dark and clear up some misconceptions about night creatures such as bats and owls. We’ll also discover how these animals are adapted to night life. The hike is led by a Halyburton Park naturalist.

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    Add to Cart204004-63 years and Up08/02/17- 08/02/17 8:30P- 9:30PHalyburton ParkNight Hike$5Item Details

    204025 - Bird Hike Tuesday

    Join park staff for a leisurely bird-watching stroll around Halyburton Park the first Tuesday of each month. We’ll search for migrants, winter residents and point out year-round bird species too. These walks are for beginner birders and all are welcome. FREE. Age 5 and up.

          Cart IconActivityAgesDatesTimesLocationDescriptionFees      Single Icon
    Read Notice204025-25 years and Up06/06/17- 06/06/17 9:00A- 10:30AHalyburton ParkBird Hike - Tues$0Item Details
    Add to Cart204025-35 years and Up08/01/17- 08/01/17 9:00A- 10:30AHalyburton ParkBird HIke - Tues$0Item Details

    204026 - Bees

          Cart IconActivityAgesDatesTimesLocationDescriptionFees      Single Icon
    Read Notice204026-1Birth and Up06/21/17- 06/21/17 6:30P- 7:30PHalyburton ParkBees$0Item Details

    206001 - Beautiful Butterflies

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    Read Notice206001-12 years to under 6 years06/15/17- 06/15/1710:00A- 11:00AHalyburton ParkBeautfiul Butterflie$3Item Details
    Read Notice206001-22 years to under 6 years06/16/17- 06/16/1710:00A- 11:00AHalyburton ParkBeautiful Butterflie$3Item Details

    206011 - Totally Turtles

    Learn all about turtles and get an up close look at some of the turtles that are found in and around the park.

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    Read Notice206011-12 years to under 6 years05/11/17- 05/11/1710:00A- 11:00AHalyburton ParkTotally Turtles$3Item Details
    Read Notice206011-22 years to under 6 years05/12/17- 05/12/1710:00A- 11:00AHalyburton ParkTotally Turtles$3Item Details

    206030 - Myth Busters

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    Read Notice206030-12 years to under 6 years05/18/17- 05/18/1710:00A- 11:00AHalyburton ParkMyth Busters$3Item Details
    Read Notice206030-22 years to under 6 years05/19/17- 05/19/1710:00A- 11:00AHalyburton ParkMyth Busters$3Item Details
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